About Us & What We Do

Enable.Ai makes cutting edge machine learning, natural language, and computer vision approachable to business users.

Unlike off the shelf solutions, we provide the means to rapidly develop bespoke systems specifically designed to help you understand your data, your customers, and your category.

Consumer Insights

In the era of personalization it’s paramount that you understand the nuances of your customers.

Marketing Intelligence

Quantifying your position relative to your competitors can help you identify opportunities in the market.

Brand Health & Monitoring

Quantifying perception in the market provides a foundation for establishing and refining best practices.


Identify opportunities before your competitors, informing marketing, product development, and more.

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You are not alone. Let us help you along the continuous journey of finding, understanding, and connecting with your customers. 

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Our Process

Our collaborative process is optimized to give you customized results for your business without the high cost of traditional market research.


We conduct a workshop with you to take a deep dive into your processes and needs


We gather and transform your data for optimal performance


We use our advanced, proprietary systems and processes to work through thousands of iterations to accomplish best results


We deliver rich, insights and reports customized for your business

Our Team

Brian Dennett


Eric Roland